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I am passionate about helping people to reveal their true inner spirit and beauty. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images and ideas about how we should look and feel, it can be difficult to be true to yourself and what actually makes you feel good. Personal Colour Analysis and Holistic Therapies can set you on the path to effortlessly looking and feeling your best, as you embrace your unique personality, style, perspective, talents and goals. So not only will you create great impressions the first and every time as you dress in harmony with your unique colouring, you’ll feel happier as you tailor your whole life in a way that works best for you!

An 8 week playbook designed to create positive transformation in your life using the power of colour.

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Our personal coloring creates an energy pattern that influences our natural pattern of thinking, acting and reacting. Knowledge of these innate natural tendencies is critical to self-understanding and self-acceptance. Unfortunately, much energy can be wasted in trying to become that which we are not, rather than used to nurture that which we are;
Katherine Kalisz – Understanding Your Color
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